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V Coloris


Woodwind Quintet

In the wind quintet V Coloris different cultures and nationalities meet and this inspired them to choose a name referring to richness of colours. They like to challenge themselves in various genres and styles and they make their own arrangements of carefully selected pieces suitable for their thematic concerts. Traditional music and music inspired by folk music make up a major axis in V Coloris’ music making. Another one is made up of contemporary music, and they often combine the two resulting in an interesting blend of tone languages that have many aspects in common. Over the past two years V Coloris have been working with the composers Doina Rotaru, Karin Rehnqvist, Sabin Pautza, Nimrod Borenstein and Josuè Blanco who have all written new pieces or transcribed pieces for them, and the quintet maintain a warm relation to Hans Abrahamsen whose different pieces for wind quintet they have on their repertoire.

V Coloris’ first album Dinu Lipatti – Complete Work for Wind Instruments was released in 2020 and an EP with own transcriptions of piano pieces by Carl Nielsen and Béla Bartók as well as an album featuring the Danish composers and arrangers Jørgen Jersild, Otto Mortensen and Svend Christian Felumb are coming up within the next year. V Coloris are frequently invited to major festivals in Denmark and Romania, and when the chance of teaching at a masterclass comes they take it as they are eager to help young talents develop in a natural way.
V Coloris is an ensemble who tirelessly discover new ways of expression, contribute to wind quintet as a genre and experiment with all kinds of secondary instruments of the wind family in order to find new colours. They always put the good stories into the spotlight and the communication with the audience, young as well as grown-up, is of high importance to V Coloris.

Members of V - Coloris

Stefan Diaconu musician playing flute

Stefan Diaconu


Jonas Lyskjær Frølund clarinet player musician denmark

Jonas Lyskjær Frølund


Felicia Greciuc portrait oboe player Vcoloris

Felicia Greciuc


Niklas Kallsoy Mouritsen musician french horn Vcoloris

Niklas Kallsoy Mouritsen


Constantin Barcov portrait bassoon player musician

Constantin Barcov


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